Gaialights Productions is a New York City based independent film company creating documentary, shorts and feature films. Our goal is to showcase stories from around the world, that reveal the extraordinary accomplishments of “ordinary” people and the peace, harmony and creative expression that result from such activities.

Our first film is an appreciation of Indian Classical Music with Pandit Vijay Kichlu – a decorated musician and the founding executive director of modern India’s first school for training performing musicians. Footage was shot primarily in India, as well as in the United States, and includes performances and interviews with some of the top musicians of the genre.

What is this raga that can reduce an audience to tears, that can move them to a dimension beyond the physical, that according to legend can both spark a blaze and rain down the monsoon to submerge the flames? North Indian Classical or Hindustani music can evoke a range of moods and human emotions, a universal language, enabling a deeper understanding and acceptance of the inner Self and allowing for self-transformation.

This feature-documentary is a moving, passion-filled and fun exploration of this tradition through the lifework and contribution of Vijay Kichlu. The film exposes the philosophical context and the structures of melody (raga) and rhythm (tala), making this eternal sound accessible to any ear. The love, reverence and camaraderie between musicians are a reflection of the Rasa, the color or passion that is the essence of this music.

A connection to India, in all of its complexity, colors and layers, is facilitated through the clear explanations and demonstrations. Raga Revelry is a calling-card for India providing insights into an ancient, dynamic and spiritual culture.

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